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Symposium “Searching for Causes and Mechanisms in the Brain"


Colloquium B. Vetter

"Where is the mind? – Why this question makes sense only if understood normatively"

Philosophy Colloquium

"How to carve up the mind? – On the connection between mechanistic explanation and cognitive ontology"

Philosophy Seminar

"The relation between mechanisms and natural kinds in cognitive neuroscience – and consequences for the philosophy of mind"

Neurocognitive Foundations of Mind Conference

"What is the Role of Mechanisms for Cognitive Ontology?"

Workshop in the context of my RJ-fellowship

"What mechanisms can do for (the philosophy of) cognitive science and psychology other than explaining"


"Three questions about the nature of the mind"

Higher Seminar in Theoretical Philosophy

"Constitution Of Mind and Cognition as a Normative Concept"

Research colloquium Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences, Hannover

"The Unconscious Mind Worry: A Mechanistic-Explanatory Strategy"

Research Colloquium, IUSS Pavia

"The Unconscious Mind Worry: A Mechanistic-Explanatory Strategy"

Research Colloquium of R. Hufendiek & V. Hoffmann-Kolss, Bern

"Was konstituiert den Geist?"

Departmental Colloquium HU Berlin