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"Was konstituiert den Geist?"

Philosophische Gesellschaft Bern „Geist heute denken – neue Blickwinkel auf ein altes philosophisches Thema“

"Saving the Mutual Manipulability Account of Constitutive Relevance"

On-line Chats "Philosophy and the Life Sciences" by A. Tramacere & J. Bickle

"A Solution to the Problem of High Failure Mechanisms: Reverse Regularity"

Workshop "Inference, Explanation & Prediction in the Mind/Brain Sciences" with E. Machery, School of Mind & Brain

"Constitutive Mechanistic Explanation - A Challenge for Interventionism"

Departmental Talk, RUB

"The Flat vs. The Dimensioned View of Constitutive Mechanisms; Or: Three Types of Mechanistic Explanation"

Workshop on Explanations of Cognition

"The Metaphysics of Constitutive Mechanistic Phenomena"

Workshop "Causality and Causal Explanation in the Sciences Workshop" with Phyllis Illari

"Squaring the Circle? Assessing Mechanistic Constitution With Interventions"


"Grounding Constitutive Mechanistic Explanation"

Hempel and Beyond

"Arguments Against the Flat View of Constitutive Mechanisms"


"The Flat vs. the Dimensioned View of Constitutive Mechanisms"


"What is a Mechanism? Or: Different Ways of Being Regular"


"Interlevel Causation in Mechanisms"

Carnap Lectures

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