Invited talks

  1. "The Mechanisms of the Unconscious Mind" (Workshop What is Translation? Exploring the Missing Link Between Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Lorentz Center Leiden/Netherlands 2019)

  2. "Is there Unconscious Mentality?" (Workshop at The Science of Consciousness Conference, Interlaken/Switzerland 2019)

  3. "Compare and contrast: How to assess the completeness of mechanistic explanation" (together with Matej Kohár, Neural Mechanisms Online, Online Talk 2019)

  4. "Mechanisms - From Metaphysics to Explanation" (Conference on Recent Trends in the Philosophy of Biology, Bilkent/Turkey 2019)

  5. "Mechanistic Constitution - How many relations?" (Workshop Causation vs. Constitution: Loosening the Friction, Bergen/Norway 2018)

  6. "The Repression Model of Implicit Bias" (LOGOS Colloquium, Barcelona/Spain 2018)

  7. "Activity Causation & The Metaphysics of Mechanisms" (Workshop on Difference-Making vs. Mechanistic Approaches to Causation, Copenhagen/Denmark 2018)

  8. "Repression: A Scientific Concept?" (Departmental Colloquium, Osnabrück 2018)

  9. "Self image-defense, repression and the meaning of ‘unconscious" (Workshop The Self and Its Realizations, Boulder/USA 2018)

  10. "Surprised by your negative IAT results? - The role of emotion repression in implicit bias" (Workshop on implicit bias, Dortmund 2018)

  11. „Implizite Vorurteile & Verdrängung“ (Colloquium, Regensburg 2018)

  12. "The Causation/Constitution Distinction and Extended Cognition - Can the mechanistic mutuaL manipulability approach help?" (Symposium Causation and Computation in Neuroscience, Jerusalem/Israel 2017)

  13. "Mechanisms - from Metaphysics to Explanation" (Workshop Models of Mechanisms in Neuroscience, Witten 2017)

  14. "Activity Causation in Mechanisms" (Symposium The Power to Change, SOPhiA, Salzburg/Austria 2017)

  15. "Rejecting Two Objections Against Interlevel Causation in Mechanisms: Part-Whole Causation and the Exclusion Argument” (Workshop Theories of causation: mental causation, negative causation, and other challenges, Düsseldorf 2017)

  16. "Phenomena in the Life Sciences" (Paper Discussion, Colloquium of Prof. C. Nimtz, Bielefeld 2017)

  17. "In which sense are implicit biases unconscious? – A Neo-Freudian Answer“ (Paper discussion, Colloquium of Prof. T. Krödel and Prof. M. Schulz, Hamburg 2017)

  18. "Mechanistic Constitution - How many relations?“ (Philosophy of Science Conference, Dubrovnik/Croatia 2017)

  19. "In Which Sense are Implicit Biases Unconscious? - A Neo-Freudian Answer" (Workshop on Implicit Cognition, Duisburg-Essen 2016)

  20. "Repression and Implicit Bias - Conceptual Clarifications" (Neuropsychology Colloquium RUB, 2016)

  21. "Implizite Verzerrungen & Verdrängung - Inwiefern implizite Verzerrungen unbewusst sind & warum wir alle eine Therapie brauchen" (Institutskolloquium, Leipzig 2016)

  22. „Against Activities“ (Workshop Explanation and evidence of mechanisms across the sciences, Canterbury/UK 2016)

  23. "Mechanismen, Interlevel-Verursachung und das Exklusionsargument" (Duisburg-Essen 2016)

  24. "Constitutive Mechanistic Explanation - A Challenge for Interventionism" (RUB 2015)

  25. "The Flat vs. The Dimensioned View of Constitutive Mechanisms; Or: Three Types of Mechanistic Explanation" (Workshop on Explanations of Cognition, Sterling/Scotland 2015)

  26. "A Solution to the Problem of High Failure Mechanisms: Reverse Regularity" (Workshop on Inference, Explanation & Prediction in the Mind/Brain Sciences with Edouard Machery, School of Mind & Brain Berlin 2015)

  27. "The Metaphysics of Constitutive Mechanistic Phenomena" (together with M. Kaiser, Causality and Causal Explanation in the Sciences Workshop with Phyllis Illari, Cologne 2015)

  28. "What are Mechanisms?" (Current Issues in Philosophy, School of Mind & Brain Berlin 2014)

  29. "Mechanisms vs. Mere Causal Sequences - Regularity vs. Reverse Regularity" (History & Philosophy of Science & Medicine Seminar Series, Washington University of St. Louis/USA 2014)

  30. "Mechanisms vs. Mere Causal Sequences" (Workshop on Realization, Paris/France 2014)

  31. "The Metaphysics of Mechanisms and Phenomena" (Workshop "Mechanisms and Causation" with Stuart Glennan, Cologne 2013)

  32. "The Metaphysics of Mechansitic Explanation" (together with M. Kaiser, Workshop "Interlevel Relations in Cognitive Neuroscience", Cologne 2013)

  33. "How Mechanisms explain Phenomena" (Workshop on Embodiment, Realization and Function, Lausanne/Switzerland 2013)

  34. "Der neue mechanistische Ansatz in der Philosophie der Lebenswissenschaften" (Institutskolloquium, Philosophisches Institut, HU Berlin 2013)

  35. "Constituting Mechanisms" (Mind, World, and Action, Dubrovnik/Croatia 2012)

Invited public talks and talks at non-philosophy departments

  1. "Der Sitz des Geistes und das Unbewusste Philosophische Probleme im Lichte situierter Ansätze" (Kortizes, Nürnberg 2020) ABSTRACT

  2. "Das Unbewusste in der gegenwärtigen Psychologie" (Public Lecture Series, Hamburg 2019) VIDEO

  3. "Das Unbewusste in der gegenwärtigen Psychologie - Unbewusste Vorurteile, Verdrängung und warum wir alle eine Therapie brauchen" (Verein für Lebenslanges Lernen, Essen 2018)

  4. "Can cells cause behaviors of organisms? - Why philosophers think that interlevel-causation is problematic and how we can solve these problems" (Dept. of Systems Biology & Bioinformatics, Rostock 2018)

  5. "Can cells cause behaviors of organisms? - Why philosophers think that interlevel-causation is problematic and how we can solve these problems" (Dept. of Biophysics, Bremen 2018) VIDEO

Peer-reviewed talks

  1. "Are there Unconscious Mental Phenomena? – Five Challenges for the Empirical Investigation of the Unconscious Mind" (EuroCogSci, Bochum 2019)

  2. "Mechanical Causation and Causal Relevance" (Workshop at ISHPSSB on Stuart Glennan's book, Oslo/Norway 2019)

  3. "The Unconscious Mind: Implicit Bias and Repression" (GAP10, Cologne 2018)

  4. "Repression: Impulsive Removal from Consciousness and Protective Miscategorization" (as part of a panel symposium co-organized with Gerd Waldhauser, Congress of the International Society for Neuropsychoanalysis, Mexico City/Mexico 2018, LINK)

  5. "Are implicit attitudes unconscious? Analyzing cases of implicit/explicit attitude match and mismatch" (Workshop How implicit is implicit bias? Antwerp/Belgium 2018)

  6. "Are the mental states underlying implicit biases unconscious? – A Neo-Freudian Answer“ (PLM4, Bochum 2017)

  7. "Does the Notion of Mechanistic Constitution Provide a Solution to the Situated Cognition Dispute?“ (ECAP, München 2017)

  8. "In which sense are implicit biases unconscious? – A Neo-Freudian Answer“ (Joint Session, Edinburgh/Scotland 2017)

  9. "What is mechanistic constitution? - Fat-handedness, Horizontally Surgical Interventions, and Real Mutual Manipulability“ (Workshop Ground in Philosophy of Science, Geneva/Switzerland 2016)

  10. "Constitutive Relevance – What it is and How it can be Defined in Terms of Interventionism“ (Workshop Mechanistic Integration and Unification in Cognitive Science, Warsaw/Poland 2016) 

  11. "Empirically Assessing Constitution by Means of Interventions" (GWP 2016, Düsseldorf)

  12. "Squaring the Circle? Assessing Mechanistic Constitution With Interventions" (together with L. Kästner, EPSA Düsseldorf 2015)

  13. "Grounding Constitutive Mechanistic Explanation" (Hempel and Beyond, Cologne 2015)

  14. "Arguments Against the Flat View of Constitutive Mechanisms" (GAP.9 2015, Osnabrück)

  15. "The Flat vs. the Dimensioned View of Constitutive Mechanisms" (ISHPSSB 2015, Montreal/Canada)

  16. "What is a Mechanism? Or: Different Ways of Being Regular" (NNPS 2015, Helsiniki/Finnland)

  17. "Interlevel Causation in Mechanisms" (Carnap Lectures 2015, Bochum)

  18. "What are Mechanisms?" (GAP Doktoranden-Workshop 2013, HU Berlin)

  19. "Making Sense of Mechanistic Interlevel Causation" (GAP.8 2012, Konstanz)

  20. "The Mechanistic Part-Whole-Relation and Interlevel Causation" (GAP-Doktoranden-Workshop 2011, Osnabrück)

  21. "Thinking about Causation makes Exclusion Arguments Dispensable" (DGPhil 2011, München)

  22. "Neuroscience and the Mind-Body-Problem" (Doktorandensymposium, KogWis 2010, Potsdam)​

​Talks at workshops I co-organized

  1. "Unconscious mental representations in a mechanical world" (META4E-workshop on Mental Representations in a Mechanical World, Bochum 2019)

  2. "Consequences of the New Mechanistic Account for Mental Representations and Extended Cognition" (together with Matej Kohár, Summer School of the RTG "Situated Cognition", Bochum 2019)

  3. “The Causation/Constitution Distinction: Can the New Mechanistic Approach help?”" (GAP-Satellite Workshop, RTG Situated Cognition, Cologne 2018)

  4. "Theories of repression and the meaning of ‘unconscious mental processing’" (Workshop Self, Memory, and the Unconscious Mind, RUB 2018) 

  5. "Constitution and Causation - A Problem for the Mechanist and How It Might Be Solved" (together with L. Kästner, Workshop "The Metaphysics of Mind and Brain", HU Berlin 2012)


  1. Comment on Sanja Dembic's book "Mental Disorder" (G27, Hamburg 2020) 

  2. Comment on Michael Baumgartner and Lorenzo Cassini's paper "A Bayesian Theory of Constitution" (SMS-Meeting, Geneva/Switzerland 2016)

  3. Comment on Marianne Schark's Paper "Can the biological notion of function be naturalized?" (Workshop Teleology in Nature and Action, Berlin 2015)


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