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Ad Hoc Refereeing
  • British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

  • Journal of Philosophical Research

  • Dialectica

  • International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

  • Erkenntnis

  • Phenomenology and The Cognitive Sciences

  • European Journal for Philosophy of Science

  • Frontiers Psychology

  • Journal for General Philosophy of Science

  • Synthese

  • Minds & Machines

  • SAGE Publishing


Academic Services
  • 2016-2017: Member of the council for dissertations matters (RUB)

  • 2015-2017: Representative of the "Mittelbau" in the Institute Council (RUB)

  • 2012-2014: ERASMUS-Coordination (HU Berlin)

  • 2012: Representative of the "Mittelbau" in the Institute Council (HU Berlin)


Other Activities
  • Mentee in the mentoring^3 program of the Universitätsallianz Ruhr.

  • Member of the program committee of the PLM4.

  • Member of the Global Young Faculty (2015-2017)

  • Co-organizer of the event "Gender Bias in Academia" at RUB

  • Workshop-organization: "The Metaphysics of Mind and Brain: Realization, Mechanisms, and Embodiment", HU Berlin 2012, together with Sven Walter

  • Founding member of the graduate research group "LeRM" ("Levels, Reduction and Mechanisms")


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